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  • With love Jan and Clare

Phone face, gym face, sugar face...

At a recent training day for our Resultime product range I was sat in a room with 10 other women lifting my jaw in a style and trying not to laugh! If you are going for the non-invasive route to anti ageing there are so many options now to keep your skin looking good. The ability of products to change skin continues to surprise me.

In addition to products we also have the regenerating system at our fingertips. This is a nifty little machine (at a snip of the price of others out there) that improves the micro-circulation in the skin for improved radiance and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles to leave skin looking more lifted. It can also be used to tackle facial tension and muscle spasms.

So, whether you have gym face, sugar face or phone face, or any other kind of 'face' invented by the media, we will be here with the right products for the job and can also show you facial exercises (promise not to laugh!) and massage techniques to combat the ageing process of the skin successfully.

With love

Jan and Clare.

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