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'Better Skin for Life' is our mission.  All of the formulations we use are designed to enhance the way your skin works.  Use the list below as a guide, we will adapt the treatment to your individual requirements.

Skin Resurrection (March only) - A luxurious, results driven facial, developed to restore and rebalance skin function. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, plump and fizzing with vitality. 3 relaxation sequences £56

Instant Effect Eye Mask - a fabulous Add-on Treat  £20

Express Energising, Radiance - energising and firming  £48

Skin Bespoke - ideal when time is of the essence  £36

Age Defence Sensitive - calmed, soothed, strengthened £58

The Deep Cleanse - detoxified, luminous refined skin  £53

Skin Perfecting Anti-Oxidant - double mask extravaganza £70

Age Defence Nourish and Hydrate Reactivate the natural oil levels in your skin. You will be indulged to 80 minutes of pure bliss, while your skin receives an ultimate result driven treatment. £82


Deluxe Eye Treat - Your eye area will be revitalised, hydrated, plumped and bright.  £51

Age Defence Resurfacing - A cocktail of ingredients will reduce the depth of fine lines, help to improve the appearance of scar tissue and even out skin colour. ​we energise your skin functions, revealing a new skin effect which is smooth, plump and even in tone. £53


Revolutionary non-invasive treatments based on skin stimulation, rejuvenation and repair.


Advanced Exceptional results for the following skin concerns: ageing, rosacea & sensitive skin, pigmentation & dark spots, acne and blemished skin £55

Red Carpet As above with the addition of a specialist mask to enhance results and satisfy skins needs £71 - £84

Blast to maximise results  £45

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Bespoke brows shape and colour to frame your face. From £15

Eyebrow shape £10

Brow tint £9

Lash tint £15

Lash lift £30

A tint test is required for some of the above 24 hours prior to treatment

Lash lift and tint £45


Deluxe Manicure - A ‘facial for the hands’ the finest ingredients are used to firm, brighten and tone hands as part of your manicure. The treatment includes exfoliation of hands and arms, cuticles are nourished and nails filed ready for the application of a beautiful selection of Jessica custom, PHENOM or GELeration and Mii colours    £40

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Deluxe Pedicure - An exclusive foot treatment to purify, cleanse, soothe and calm. The treatment includes exfoliation of foot and lower leg, cuticle work and nourishment and a reflex foot massage. Nails are shaped ready for the application of an extensive beautiful selection of Jessica custom, PHENOM or GELeration and Mii colours from £45

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A Phenomenal evolution in polish, dries quickly in natural light, the gel-like shine lasts up to 10 days. It removes easily like polish and protects nails.

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GELeration & Mii

A manicure with the added benefit of dry and smudge resistant nails that last for up to 3 weeks. The gel is applied like a polish and then cured for seconds under our superfast LED lamp 

GEL Manicure £40

GEL Pedicure £45

GEL Refresh £15

GEL soak off £10 / free when another Gel treatment is booked

French add £5

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Massage and reflexology are used to harmonise your senses for a feeling of wellbeing. As well as being relaxing, these treatments help balance the body to alleviate symptoms of emotional and physical stress and associated problems such as headaches and muscular aches and pains.

Swedish Massage - As well as being deeply relaxing can be firm and invigorating.


Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back £35 (45 minutes)

Full Body, includes face & scalp £45 (80 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage - A slow, soothing, rhythmic massage using a synergy of therapeutic essential oils that are chosen and blended just for you.


Prices as above + £5 for oils.

Lava Shell massage - This indulgent and truly pampering massage combines the warmth of self heating shells with deeply relaxing massage techniques. The Lava shells are worked in slow deep moves to warm and ease tension from the back, neck and shoulder areas to offer a seamless soothing massage of heat and touch for ultimate relaxation £45 back / £60 full body

Indian Head Massage - This ancient massage uses a combination of soothing massage movements and beneficial pressure points to release the stress that accumulates in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders £50

Reflexology - A therapeutic treatment which stimulates the body's own healing mechanisms by using reflexes on the feet that correspond to body systems. As well as being very relaxing, this treatment helps balance the body to improve symptoms of emotional and physical stress and associated problems such as headaches and muscular aches and pains from £50


Half Leg £25

Full Leg £30

Full Leg & Bikini from £36

Bikini Wax from £16

Underarms £15

Lip or Chin £10

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Skin is cleansed and tested for sensitivity prior to treatment. Soothing and calming moisturisers are applied afterwards. We have a choice of warm wax including our azulene wax for sensitive skins, hot wax including specialist bikini waxes for stronger hair. We also offer strip wax depending on hair type and therapist analysis.

Back £25


Velvet Skin - A revitalising body exfoliation that is ideal for dry dull skin to kick start the circulation to nourish and revitalise the skin. Followed by a full body massage using nourishing cream to suit your skins needs be it hydration, slimming or firming  £50

Mini Indulgence Your senses are calmed with a deeply relaxing head, neck, shoulder and back massage followed by a facial suited to your skins needs. While your facial mask works you will be treated to a deeply relaxing foot and lower leg massage treatment. From £70 (Add Collagen for and extra £12)

Lava Facial - Combine a nourishing facial with the warmth of a lava shell back massage to give skin and body a boost £75

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Easy to choose, easy to use and easy to understand; Mii
gives you the confidence to create a look that is uniquely,
completely, unmistakably you.

Complete Mii

Enjoy a mini-makeover after a relaxing treatment. Perfect after a facial, this touch of cover and colour will leave you feeling ready to face the world again. £20 / complimentary with any Mii purchase.

Wedding - individually tailored to you and with a complimentary consultation from £80

Show Mii - Name your dilemna and let Mii solve it. We offer one to one or group makeup demos and share trusted techniques and colours to enhance your natural beauty. £25

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