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Express Energising Radiance Treatment

Now introducing the Express Energising Radiance facial, £38

When time is of the essence, but you want incredible results, this treatment will deliver energising and firming minerals increasing moisture levels to plump the skin, leaving you with the most beautiful translucent radiance. Proven to reduce wrinkles up to 27% in just 40 minutes!

One of the great things about this facial is that the active ingredients work on the deeper layers of the skin to enhance natural moisturising networks. The main ingredients in the mask are: Algae extract which is hydrating and a storage system for precious minerals. Calcium and Sodium are highly purified and have an iconic effect on the aquaporins (hydration controls in the skin) = cell energy, cell regeneration, skin density and firmness - hence the ability to wake up youth enhancing mechanisms within the skin and reducing wrinkles!

Now I could not really tell whether my wrinkles were reduced by 27% but my skin sure looks great and I feel so much more relaxed after a shoulder, neck and scalp massage... all facials, even the express ones include massage sequences that relax and take you down a level, very beneficial all round!

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