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Back to basics

Cleansing away the day is important for a number of reasons. Primarily because during the day our skin encounters a number of free radicals from pollution, sun and other environmental factors. This build up can cause tissue damage if it is not cleansed away. This in turn can lead to accelerated ageing, break outs and sensitised skin. A cleanse also prepares the skin to accept your moisturisers that work to protect and repair skin and restore a natural balance.

I understand first hand that not everyone has time to 'double cleanse, tone and moisturise' morning and night. It is the last thing that I feel like doing after a busy day of working and being a mummy to my two young children. I do it though because I realise that it makes a difference and I want comfortable skin! It is important to realise there are other options out there and to be kind to yourself and realistic with the time you have to spend on you.

"Someone who currently doesn't cleanse, who barely gets any time to look after themselves, won't want to commit [to] full-on cleansing systems, but perhaps a quicker option of Micellar or wash off cleansing gel in the shower would be better for them." Kirsti Shuba, creator of Katherine Daniels Cosmetics.

The Katherine Daniels cleanser is one of the best on the market. It is rich in minerals and trace elements which are vital to skin health. The toner is enriched with soothing red seaweed extract to leave skin feeling fresh and comfortable. A toner is a very important part of the cleansing routine and often forgotten / left out - many thinking what is the point?! Well the point is that it ensures the skin is completely clean in order to accept topical products, but it also hydrates the skin and balances PH - so important! I am a great fan of both these products and use them daily. On the days that I feel more like a zombie in the evenings I reach for cleansing gel, which has a gentle foaming action, contains laminara digitata to revitalise, clean and hydrate skin and lives in the shower. Another option is the (award winning) Micellar water that offers gentle and efficient cleansing in a single gesture, just soak cotton pads and cleanse.

At the salon our aim is to make your cleansing routine as easy as possible and that it fits your lifestyle. We are happy to have a chat about skin and cleansing options if you find that your skin is not functioning well for you. Call or email to book a no strings, no cost consultation.

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