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  • With love Jan and Clare

Your nails are safe with Mii

Following the recent news regarding concern over reactions to gel polish formulations and the use of skin damaging UV lamps we wanted to reassure you a little.

Rest assured that we thoroughly research the products that we use, we access regular training to ensure that our skills and knowledge are up to date. You are in safe hands at Close health and Beauty.

We also use an LED light machine (not UV) to cure gel nail varnish and our product house (where we source our gel nail varnish and tools) has just released the below information. Call us if you have any queries and we will be happy to help.

Love Jan and Clare.


Gerrard International, Jessica and Mii Cosmetics are committed to the safety of all our products and follow all regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Following today’s report on BBC radio, we are providing the following statement should your customers require. The HEMA in both Jessica and Mii comes from a reputable source in the US and is used in the lowest concentration possible for the performance of the product, which is well within the level recommended by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety .

Alongside this, our formulations are subject to an independent safety assessment from a certified safety assessor.

Before being made available for salon use our formulations have undergone extensive trial with no adverse events.

Taking into consideration the extensive safety profile of our gel formulations and the use of HEMA, the ingredients used in our gel formulations are deemed safe and are of absolute minimal risk to health when used as directed.

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