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Seasonal Skincare Adjustments

What to use and why your skin changes with the seasons.

Why does my skin change when the seasons change?

Your skin is defined by your genetics, environment, lifestyle and climate. During Autumn and Winter, we increase central heating in our homes and at work. Central Heating is a dry heat, which means it will sap moisture from our skin. This can leave it looking dull and devitalised – which is a sure sign of dehydration. As your skin becomes ‘parched’ your pores may open, revealing the greyness at the base of each pore. Your skins moisture will also escape via the open pores. Often this moisture loss mixed with natural oils can be mistaken for oiliness. IT’S NOT. Please DON’T go and buy stripping products for oily skin. Reach for rehydrating formulations instead.

From the warmth of your home and office you’ll be going outside into the cold and harsh environment of Winter. These extreme changes in temperature will play havoc with your skin if it’s not protected. If your skin tends to under-produce oil, it’s a dry skin type. You’ll find that extreme weather conditions may dry it out further.

You may experience a combination of both conditions, which is often dryness and dehydration. This means that both your oil and your skins water levels are challenged.

It’s time to make your skincare adjustments:

Small adjustments will give your big results. Work with two of your daily products – your concentrate and your treatment cream (KD Step 2 & 3). Once you’ve altered your products to suit the changes of season your skin will respond quickly, within days.

Here are the perfect combinations:

Treat dryness with the Concentrate for Dry Skin and treat the dehydration with Rehydrating Cream, if you like a lightweight cream.Treat the dehydration with Rehydrating Concentrate and treat the dryness with Dry Skin Cream, if you like a cream to be a little richer. For very dry skin switch up to the Dry Skin Rich Cream.

The best weather protection is sun protection. Yes, I know it’s not sunny, but our Daily DNA Defence SPF 30 will give your skin its own coat of armour – a real layer of protection from the extreme temperatures. I’ll be wearing mine everyday for Autumn and Winter.

It seems that our central heating and the cold weather has a massive impact on our skin. Giving us a double problem in the form of dryness and dehydration. A dry, parched skin not only looks dull but can also become older looking. With lines, dehydration, flaky dry, lacklustre skin you lose your beautiful glow and dewy complexion.

It’s time to make your seasonal skincare adjustment. For skincare advice we are always happy to have a chat.

With love,

Clare and Jan

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