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Sensitive Skin

Our 2-part blog covers sensitive skin. Today in part 1 we discover how skin sensitivity ranges from one extreme to another. Next time we will look more closely at Rosacea.

Jan and I have treated many sensitive skins over the years. In return for investment of both time and money clients have benefitted by getting some control back with healthy strengthened skin that is better able to defend itself. #betterskinforlife

Why is your skin sensitive?

Often because of a weakened skin defence barrier (the protective layer of your skin that keeps the ‘good stuff’ in and the ‘bad stuff’ out).

Skin sensitivity ranges from one extreme to another. In its mild form it can appear as occasional flushing and changes of temperature. In its most severe form it may feel like it is burning with stinging sensations, periods of high colour and flushing which lasts longer.

How does skin sensitivity happen?

We are rarely born with sensitive skin. It happens when your natural skin barrier becomes weak, it responds to external stimulation, touch, heat or products. More severe redness is often seen after the intake of caffeine, alcohol or spicy foods. Hormonal changes often impact a sensitive skin too.

It’s often linked to your skin type?

Sensitive skin often develops from dry skin types. Dry skin lacks its natural lubricant, sebum and dry skin presents as a clear complexion with fine pores, rarely suffering with spots and blackheads. Dry skin in its youth looks ‘porcelain and perfect’ and it’s often taken for granted. In other words we adopt the attitude of ‘If it’s not broken why fix it.’ When dry skin isn’t protected it will become sensitive because of the lack of sebum.

The ageing of a sensitive skin. The ageing process starts from your early twenties. Visible signs of ageing appear from your late twenties to early thirties. Unfortunately, sensitive skin ages more quickly and as it ages it becomes more sensitive. It is important to treat the ageing of your skin with the sensitivity issues. This isn’t always possible but something that we can advise you about using products specifically designed for this by Katherine Daniels Cosmetics.

To start the process we strengthen your skin with products that are gentle and effective. When cared for correctly your skin will become soft, supple and strong.

The environment and its effect on your sensitive skin

Both urban and rural environments can be damaging without the right skin protection.

We think of towns and cities as being the pollution culprit but rural environments can be just as damaging. Thanks to fertilisers, pesticides, methane gases and dust. These all contain pollutants which attack your skin if undefended.

City living - In built up areas the air contains as much as 97% heavy metals and gases. These pollutants come from transport fumes, factory emissions and air traffic. They leave your skin vulnerable to sensitivity.

Coastal living - Yes, the sun is good for us. A great source of vitamin D, it helps with muscle and bone strength but it contains UVA (the ageing rays) and UVB (the burning rays) which leaves your skin at risk if unprotected. The wind and brisk sea breezes can cause wind burn which is just as damaging as the sun to your unprotected skin.

Stress and anxiety effect sensitive skin

Skin sensitivity is closely linked to your central nervous system. When upset, stressed or tired your whole system behaves in a negative way. This makes you more sensitive. Internally - causing emotional behaviour. Externally – sensitive, reactive skin. When you’re stressed neurotransmitters are released by your brain causing a release of aggressive messengers which stimulate the nerve endings in your skin to produce redness, itching, heat, swelling and pain.

These responses to stress have a negative effect on your cells that produce your skins youth proteins (collagen and elastin). This causes premature skin ageing, meaning sensitive skin ages more quickly. And it gets more sensitive as it ages. We can help! With regular simple skincare your skin can become stronger and less reactive.

We would love to help if you would like advice on skincare! Call, whatsapp or email:

with love

Clare and Jan.xx

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