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Which Cleanser?

I love to cleanse and tone and am a creature of habit. However, when travelling or for quickness I find the Miracle Cleansing Jelly and the Refreshing Cleansing Gel provide equally exceptional results. Always double cleanse to rid your skin of the daily grime and those nasty free radicals from damaging your cells. It also provides a good base for your face creams to access your skin to nourish and protect. Well worth the effort! Please do not use wipes, these generally just move dirt around your skin! Instead the (Award winning) Micellar acts as a dirt magnet and removes daily debris from your skin, leaving it fresh and ready to welcome the active ingredients in your concentrates and face creams.

We can arrange delivery or collection of any of the above products. If you are still unsure then why not give us a call to discuss your skin!

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