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How to improve your Dry Skin...

Updated: May 7, 2020

Dry and sensitive skin often go hand-in-hand, but it’s an easy skincare fix with the correct prescription.

If your skin is looking a little ‘meh’ after the winter months and then lockdown, it’s likely to be due to the cold weather and dehydration from central heating. This combination of atmospheres may allow your skin to become drier than usual. It’s also likely to become more dehydrated. Because of this combination, you may also experience higher colour (redness) than usual. This is tissue sensitivity. The 3 often go hand-in-hand, but it’s an easy skincare fix with the correct prescription.

Why is a dry skin at risk of becoming sensitive?

On your skin’s surface you have a protective barrier (us skin geeks know it as the hydrolipidic film). When it becomes damaged through dryness, your skins essential oil and natural moisture (water) in the upper layers of your skin escape, so your skin becomes vulnerable. This is because your damaged skin barrier allows potential irritants into your skin (soap, water, & pollution). Once sensitised, your skin may become intolerant and redness may appear. It may sting or feel hot when confronted with elements that shouldn’t trigger irritation.

Dryness + Dehydration = Tissue Sensitivity

Dryness is due to the lack of natural oils. These oils keep your skin supple, soft to touch and your skin barrier intact. Dehydration is the lack of Moisture/water. When hydrated, your skin pores are refined and not open. When open from dehydration, the base of your pores look grey in colour (don’t mistake these for blackheads). Good skin hydration levels prevent fine lines from appearing on your cheeks and forehead etc.

How to reduce symptoms and prevent dry sensitive skin from becoming a problem?

It’s an easy fix. We need to consider all 3 symptoms of your skin. We are currently offering consultations over the phone and by doing this we are able to prescribe the right Katherine Daniels products to correct all 3 at the same time. In an ideal world regular facials would combat these issues more quickly.

  • Dry skin - can be uncomfortable or tight. It often feels rough and can look flaky. Milia (small white hardened pimples) are a characteristic of a dry skin and can be an occasional or constant bother for you.

  • Dehydrated skin - can take on the look of lines on your skin. Parched/dehydrated skin may make you look older than you are. Lines of dehydration become plumped, skin pores are often open and look grey in colour. Your skin may take on a sallow appearance in areas. Because of the lack of water in your skin cells, toxins become trapped. This leads to congestion, often around the lower half of your face.

  • Sensitive skin - often red, especially on the cheek area. It may be uncomfortable or become intolerant and reactive to things that have never been a problem for your skin before. This is usually the start of skin sensitivity problems.

Look at your current skincare regime. Are you treating all symptoms together?

You can treat all of the symptoms, either at home or with salon treatments. (Or a combination of both).

At home - Treat dehydration with Rehydrating Concentrate. It does what it says on the bottle! An instant dose of hydration and then a ‘drip feed’ effect to keep your skin hydrated over the coming 8 hour period. It’s light weight, oil free and leaves a beautiful silky finish. It can be taken around your eyes and over your lips. It protects from urban pollutants too. It’s also soothing for a more sensitive skin. Our test panel shows that it will rehydrate your skin by 73% in 30 minutes. Your skin will still be 32% more hydrated 8 hours later. Hydration levels will be sustained for 48 hours after 1 application.

Treat dryness and sensitivity with Sensitive Skin Rich Cream. These products are salon strength formulations. You’ll love the immediate comforting, soothing sensation that this moisturiser brings. The key ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers of your skin, to heal and restore. No heavy, greasy texture going on here!

To repair your skin barrier, use the Repairing Nourishing Mask. This product uses avocado oil and shea butter to nourish your dry skin. Seaweed and algae hydrate your skin, whilst adding a youthful density. No time for masks? Think again… use this as a sleep mask. Apply over your Rehydrating Concentrate 10 minutes before bed – it works while you sleep. Use it on the backs of your hands too – it’s a game changer!

In salon – When we reopen we have the ultimate treatment for you. The Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating Treatment. Developed to hydrate your skin and re-activate natural oil levels. 80 minutes of pure bliss, while your skin receives the ultimate result driven treatment. For sensitive skin issues, we use the Age Defence Collagen Mask for Sensitive Skin within this treatment.

Don’t get caught out. Your dry skin will become sensitive if you don’t take care of it.

Genetics define your skin type. However, your skin condition comes from your lifestyle, environment and climate. In this instance your skin type is dry (or prone to dryness) and your skin condition is dehydrated and sensitive. Using products to treat these conditions will give you better skin for life.

If you’re still unsure of which skin type you have, give us a call and we can set up a consultation over the phone or on another face to face application. We will help to prevent you from making expensive skincare mistakes as you’ll only buy exactly what your skin needs.

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